About Me

Ashley Mathieu is a Nationally Recognized Canadian Fitness Professional, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Blogger, Television Personality, and Author. 

Ashley’s life experiences are what’s given her thick skin and a no bull shit attitude in life.  Finding her path through the hurdles, at age 27 Ashley asked herself one question, “If I died tomorrow, would I have regrets”?  The answer was yes.  Ashley quit her career to find what she truly wanted.  Leaving her pension, benefits, and steady pay for nothing.  The thought of having to go back into work, the place she dreaded, was not going to happen again.  Depression and anxiety were not two things she wanted anymore.  Moving back into her parent’s basement, she started to think about that made her happy.  What was that THING?   

All that thinking made her realize helping people through activity and motivation was that THING!  Already a certified fitness professional and the years of being a high-level athlete, Ashley took her services to the streets. 

Over the years, Ashley has built a successful training company both with her own personal brand as well as her fitness clubs owned in Ottawa, Ontario.  Has been recognized by Canada’s national certification body canfitpro, has been interviewed on multiple television stations, radio and podcasts about her journey, published her first book in 2016 called Get $hit Done and continues to grow her community globally.

Some fun facts… Ashley can fire an MP5 at full auto, can drive a forklift, loves putting peanut butter on everything, favorite self defence move is the throat punch, considers foul language a necessity,  has no filter, believes being easily offended should result in a throat punch, speaks both english and fre-gleh (a butchered version of french) and shockingly is not a natural blond.

Let’s Get Shit Done

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